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Auditions for string instruments

 I play viola, I'm in eighth grade.  I can't say that I really badly want to go to the academy, but I'm getting more and more interested.  My brother plays saxophone.  We both filled in the online survey thing and I got an e-mail back soon after, but he didn't.  What does this mean?  

I've played viola for 8 years.  It's my life and my love.  I don't want to continue with it as my career, but I will always play it!  Is it ok to go to interlochen even if it isn't what you want to do with your career?  I'm pretty well prepared.  I've been in quite a few orchestras for about four years and I've had private lessons since I was 5.  I think I could be ready for an audition... but I really don't know.  How difficult are the auditions?  When they say two scales, do they mean 3 octave?  

Thank you :) :)
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