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Auditions for string instruments

 I play viola, I'm in eighth grade.  I can't say that I really badly want to go to the academy, but I'm getting more and more interested.  My brother plays saxophone.  We both filled in the online survey thing and I got an e-mail back soon after, but he didn't.  What does this mean?  

I've played viola for 8 years.  It's my life and my love.  I don't want to continue with it as my career, but I will always play it!  Is it ok to go to interlochen even if it isn't what you want to do with your career?  I'm pretty well prepared.  I've been in quite a few orchestras for about four years and I've had private lessons since I was 5.  I think I could be ready for an audition... but I really don't know.  How difficult are the auditions?  When they say two scales, do they mean 3 octave?  

Thank you :) :)
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It might just be that since the viola and sax departments have different professors one of them responded more quickly or is more e-mail savvy. It could also mean that your references were easier to contact than his. Anyhow, he should phone them and ask what's up with the email response just in case cause I never trust email with important things like that.

And I don't know, as far as not wanting to do viola as your career... well, I have friends who went to Interlochen who decided not to pursue their majors there as a career and are still amazing, smart, and artistic people. But they chose that AFTER going to Interlochen with the assumption that it WAS going to be their life career and changed their minds down the road. As you probably know, spaces at Interlochen are pretty limited as far as the large amount of applications they get. I think in this situation you need to do a lot of soul-searching as far as if you think it's ethical for you to go there with excellent, world-renowned teachers with the knowledge that you aren't going to pursue it as a career, taking up the space of someone who is equally good and DOES want it as a career. Imagine it this way: If you wanted to go to law school just for fun to learn about law, and someone else wanted to go to pursue their dream of becoming a lawyer, is it right to take up their spot? You know what I mean? Especially since a lot of music majors have connections to great music schools for college, so you'd be taking that opportunity away from someone else who really wants to do viola for life.

They DO have an academic major at Interlochen. Maybe when you're accepted, you could change your major to that and then take private viola lessons on the side. If you change your mind, you can always go back to viola while you're there. But just speaking objectively cause I don't know you, it seems sort of not right to take up the space of someone who really wants to pursue this as a career and devote their life to it, when you don't. Why not just major in academics instead and take private lessons with one of their viola teachers so that you can give someone who DOES want it as a life career that wonderful opportunity instead?
What do you mean when you say an academic major? Do you mean Comparative Arts?



January 11 2010, 13:28:22 UTC 8 years ago

I went to Interlochen not sure what my career would be, but thinking I'd become a professional cellist. As it turned out, I wound up working in a completely different field, which has been very rewarding. Interlochen teaches you performance skills that are invaluable in almost all areas of human endeavor. So if you can get in, by all means go. I don't think the argument that you'd be taking someone else's space who might be more dedicated is valid. If you get in, that means there's room for you. Only a relatively small percentage of IAA graduates wind up in the arts long term.


November 28 2010, 19:52:50 UTC 7 years ago

I go to interlochen arts academy currently and their is no academic major, but there is general studies. I am a comparative arts major, and if u want to be one to you have to be experienced in many art forms.