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Help?! Interlochen Questions!

Heey !

Okay so I live in Canada and I think that Interlochen is an amazing school! I play piano and I think that Interlochen would be perfect for me but I'm worried that I am not good enough to get accepted. My parents seem to think I could get in no problem but I'm still not sure considering they don't know a lot about the school or how competitive it is.

My marks aren't the greatest and I can't play super amazing complicated songs like some of the people I hear on youtube and stuff. I know I can pull my marks up to at least a 90% for next semester but I'm afraid it'll be too late to get into Interlochen for next year, and I don't think my marks from this semester will suffice. The reason I think this is that I find it hard to apply myself in the school I currently attend because the classes are boring and there is not one person like me there. Not to mention my music teacher is an insane psycho person and makes me dread every second of music class which cannot be good for my musical career. But if I can get into Interlochen I think it could help me apply myself to the best of my abilities and I truly think that I could achieve so much more at Interlochen than I could here. Being in more interesting and challenging courses at Interlochen with people that have the passion and love for the arts as I do could both help raise my marks and improve my playing drastically ! So I was wondering if anyone know how competitive the music program is? Or Interlochen in general even?

Also since I live in Canada, I'm considered as an international student even though I'm only an eight hour drive away. I'm not worried about financial aid as much as I am for acceptance but I'm still wondering so does anyone know how much more expensive it is for an international student compared to someone from the US? 

Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated !

Thank you so much in advanced for taking time out of your day to read my very long post !


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