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Someone Should Tell You About February. I'll Do It.

No one told me about this until I got to campus, and then all the returners, like second, third and fourth years warned me about it. It's a thing none of the first years know about and I feel I should tell you. It wasn't so bad last year because everyone warned us in time.

Interlochen is a beautiful place year round. But in February, it generally turns into a very unattractive pit of depression and boredom and everyone gets really catty and sort of goes half crazy with cabin fever.

The Apparent February-To-Do-List:

Chances are you will mess some friendships up in February. Or you will fail an exam or two. You will hate your parents. Your boyfriend/girlfriend will cheat on you or you will cheat on them. If you guys don't cheat, you will break up with them or they with you, you will encounter some sort of problem with them or the relationship in general, or you will seem sick to death of them. You will suddenly need to see a therapist for depression or some newly developed problem/eating disorder or you will go on new meds or something. The counsellors will be your best friends, try to schedule things for you to do every weekend because THERE IS NOTHING TO DO. The staff is freakishly understanding about Febraury, your last week of January will be spent  in some kind of dread waiting for it. You can't really ride bikes anymore, it's too cold, they don't let you go off camp anymore at that time because dusk is too early. You'll go to Stone to eat dinner when you're classes are done and it'll be dark as hell. It's freezing. Valentines day is happily stuck somewhere in there, and if you're single this will be the time you are VERY bitter about it, and you can't tell yourself why. You're going to be bitter even if you DON'T want to date. You will become a hermit, and sleep is suddenly an escape. Everyone starts looking pasty-- I'm Black and I turned the most interesting colour. The friend you loved will suddenly seem unbearably annoying. You will feel like your roommate is out to kill you. You will have a few friends taking emotional leave, you will consider taking it yourself. You're also going to be stressed at this point: there's going to be some jury or orchestra concert for you or thesis shoot or review to edit or workshop piece to turn in or visual portfolio to get done.

You may even have a friend who gets wasted or high, gets found out and then gets kicked out. JWes (dean) told us that February and May are like the suicide months where off-campus disciplinary actions are at their highest. It wasn't bad at all last year, we only had a couple expulsions (through the whole year, not just in February), but still. Please don't do anything stupid, you're going to regret it.

February is also the time Senioritis rears it's ugly head and roars loudest.

February is kind of what you make it-- my returners told me it wasn't bad at all, comparitively, last year. I thought I came through it pretty unscathed, then I went home for spring break, came back to camp and things started getting warmer and I realized that no, February was not an okay time. If I wasn't busy being angsty for NO LEGITIMATE REASON (this is also on the February-To-Do-List), I was busy brooding to my roommate and sleeping excessively.

It really isn't enjoyable for anyone. Even if you get through it relatively okay, you'll still be affected by some friend's drama who isn't making it through alright. Nothing detrimental happens, you just feel insanely frustrated and misunderstood then. Like a little bit of the Interlochen magic is waning or something.

I swear it comes back in full force after though (it never really went anywhere, it just disappeared uner the four feet of snow you are going to expereince). You will love the sun like nothing else when it returns, and 45 degrees farenheit will became burning hot to you, and you will take this as a cause to wear shorts.
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