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interlochen's Journal

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This is a community for alums and current students of Interlochen Arts Academy in Interlochen, Michigan. Exciting, no? If you went to Interlochen Arts Academy, you are neat, and you should join.

A community, interlochencamp, is now available for campers to join, rather than joining here if they'd rather.

ps. If you went to the Camp and happen to feel particularly strong ties to Interlochen, then there's really no one to say that you can't join this community. However, it is specifically a community for the Academy. It's not a segregational thing; it's simply a matter of fact that I created this community so that the lj users who I went to school with, and the people who they went to school with, and so forth, could have ties to each other.

That would be the end of my preaching about the Academy/Camp, um...thing.

Should you have any questions, the community is "moderated" by choose_sadness.

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