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I'm considering applying to Interlochen...

I have a lot of things I need to sort through first, though, some of which I don't feel comfortable addressing with staff through a 'request info' email. I've heard those emails are slow, anyway...

I'm applying for the 2011-2012 schoolyear, my junior year,  as a visual arts or comparative arts major. And if any of you who are attending/have attended Interlochen can help me with these concerns, I'd be deeply appreciative (:

I'm genderqueer [I don't identify with being male or female, I think it counts as a kind of 'transgender']. Is Interlochen really accepting of people like that, or would mentioning it on my application/during an audition get me turned down? I know that arts schools are generally more 'open' than others, but when I auditioned at CAA [Chicago Academy for the Arts] I had a really bad experience with staff being biased.

2.) I've had issues with school in the past. I've always been a student whose report card looks something like 'all As except for one B in math, and a Pass in gym', and my classes are all Honors or AP, but I was truant for a long time freshman year because of a stalker. :/ My transcript will show an entire 2 semesters of 'withdraw' grades, and I'm not sure how to explain myself about that...or if my app will even be CONSIDERED once the application moderators see that. Has anyone else attended Interlochen without the best grades in their past? 

3.) I'm fairly diverse in my ability to make art [IE, I do a lot of landscapes, people, observations of objects, etc] but I'm not sure of what Interlochen really....looks for in a portfolio. Could anyone tell me what staff found impressive in an audition [for a visual arts major] ?

4.) Related to 2.), is there any way to attend Interlochen 'conditionally', to prove that you can be a good student there and keep your grades at an A level? I've heard of students doing that at certain private schools if their grades were dubious, so that the schools would accept them nonetheless, but I'm not sure about Interlochen. ):

5.) Is a visit to the school a huge advantage in an application, or is it something minor? I'm not sure I can visit before the application period for next year ends.

Thanks to anyone who comments here with any info they have, it means a lot to me; I'm really passionate about education/art and applying to Interlochen with confidence would be amazing. ♥

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