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Hey Everyone!

My name is Lauryn and I've been accepted as a Voice Major at IAA for the 2009-2010 school year (my junior year).

I've been reading lots of posts from other people in this group and have noticed a pattern of Interlochen not offering enough financial aid for students to be able to attend the school. Now, no one is expecting them to give out full rides to everyone buuuut the cost that they are asking some people to pay is just not feasible and they should know this. For instance, the amount of financial aid they offered me is not enough for me to be able to attend the academy next year. The amount that i have left to pay is about 2/3 of my mothers yearly income! Where do they expect us to raise thousands of dollars from?! We appealed financial aid and they DENIED the appeal. At this point, I'm just wondering why they're accepting people they know can't afford the tuition if they aren't going to try and help make the dream a reality? I would really like to attend the academy next year but i just don't know where to get the money from or how to convince Interlochen to give me more money...
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