peterrabbitrobi (peterrabbitrobi) wrote in interlochen,

All or nothing?

I think Interlochen sounds wonderful, I've been searching, longing for a liberal arts high school to go to, and so far i've only been drawn to this one, but I want to do everything, not just one thing. I know that if I somehow, impossibly, made it so far as to actually attend Interlochen for creative writing, I'd be bummed I couldn't be banging the piano or taking voice lessons. And even if I was taking voice lessons, I'd be jealous of the actors and the writers. Humanly, I can't be the only one who feels these intense feelings. How, then, do you (theoretically or evidently) decide what course to send in an application for? Does it really just come down to whatever you think you have the most potential in, but also the most potential to gain in the classroom, but also the most room to mystify and wow with, or? Or is there some......compromise.

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