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Interlochen's Journal

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

7:06PM - Financial Problems!

So, I'm auditioning for Interlochen boarding school this November, (specifically for singer-songwriter major). I've been working towards it for a few months now, writing songs every week, self teaching myself Ukulele, all that jazz. Everything was looking very bright for my future, and audition outcomes, but I have a huge issue:

I cannot go to Interlochen without financial aid. I created a GoFundMe to help fund my dream, except it only has 10 dollars, since I have no way to promote it. I won't qualify for financial aid since both my parents have well paying and stable jobs. That is true, but still, there's not nearly enough time to make up the money to pay for boarding school tuition. I don't doubt my ability to get in at all, I just doubt that I'll be able to make up enough money even though I'm good enough.

Any advice for other ways to fund this? I'm out of ideas. Also, since I'm desperate, here's my GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/mydream-interlochen It has a video of one of my songs being sung and a more detailed explanation in the description. Thank you!

- Violet

Current mood: worried

Thursday, September 11, 2014

4:46PM - Dress Code

Hey everyone! This is like the first post in 3 years 😂. So I am applying for Interlochen for my grade 11 year(currently entering grade 10) and I know this seems like a super princessy thing to talk about but how strict are they on dress code? Like do my shorts really need to be knee length? Can I wear blue jeans? Can I wear tights if they're navy blue?

Also, what month can you send in your application for that coming school year?


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Saturday, January 29, 2011

8:34PM - I'm considering applying to Interlochen...

I have a lot of things I need to sort through first, though, some of which I don't feel comfortable addressing with staff through a 'request info' email. I've heard those emails are slow, anyway...

I'm applying for the 2011-2012 schoolyear, my junior year,  as a visual arts or comparative arts major. And if any of you who are attending/have attended Interlochen can help me with these concerns, I'd be deeply appreciative (:

I'm genderqueer [I don't identify with being male or female, I think it counts as a kind of 'transgender']. Is Interlochen really accepting of people like that, or would mentioning it on my application/during an audition get me turned down? I know that arts schools are generally more 'open' than others, but when I auditioned at CAA [Chicago Academy for the Arts] I had a really bad experience with staff being biased.

2.) I've had issues with school in the past. I've always been a student whose report card looks something like 'all As except for one B in math, and a Pass in gym', and my classes are all Honors or AP, but I was truant for a long time freshman year because of a stalker. :/ My transcript will show an entire 2 semesters of 'withdraw' grades, and I'm not sure how to explain myself about that...or if my app will even be CONSIDERED once the application moderators see that. Has anyone else attended Interlochen without the best grades in their past? 

3.) I'm fairly diverse in my ability to make art [IE, I do a lot of landscapes, people, observations of objects, etc] but I'm not sure of what Interlochen really....looks for in a portfolio. Could anyone tell me what staff found impressive in an audition [for a visual arts major] ?

4.) Related to 2.), is there any way to attend Interlochen 'conditionally', to prove that you can be a good student there and keep your grades at an A level? I've heard of students doing that at certain private schools if their grades were dubious, so that the schools would accept them nonetheless, but I'm not sure about Interlochen. ):

5.) Is a visit to the school a huge advantage in an application, or is it something minor? I'm not sure I can visit before the application period for next year ends.

Thanks to anyone who comments here with any info they have, it means a lot to me; I'm really passionate about education/art and applying to Interlochen with confidence would be amazing. ♥

Current mood: artistic

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1:38PM - Applying as a Theatre Major!!

I'm apply for fall 2011 and I cant decide between theater and writing
On the one hand Creative Writing has that Scholarship Contest,
I also love acting, but its more of a private thing. 
Would I not get accepted because I havent done plays before?
And do you need to know how to sing to get in, or could I take singing lessons at Interlochen?

Thanks for helping!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hello, everyone.
I've just discovered Interlochen this past summer and I've been doing a lot of research on it and such. I think it's really amazing! I want to go, but it seems little more than an impossible dream. Michigan is so far away, the money would be a big problem, and my parents would NEVER let me go to a boarding school, even within the same state. So, it doesn't sound like it's happening. But regardless of the inability to go, I can't help but wonder if I'm even good enough to get it. My parents are confident that I would make it, but they're my parents and they would think that I'm good even if I were terrible. I thought about applying just to see if I could get it... And just not going if I got accepted. But I decided against it. But I really am curious about it. I just wouldn't be able to decide between Creative Writing and Visual Arts. I wouldn't say I'm TOO fantastic at Art, but I think I have a lot of potential and I would LOVE to be able to get better at it, and I've heard that I'm a great writer and I love to write, just like I love Visual Arts.
Sorry about the rambling. I suppose I'm just trying to ask if I could see some of the stuff that you've been accepted for. I would never steal anybody's work... I'm just really curious. :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

4:05PM - How hard is it to get in? :S

I just applied to Interlochen, and Im dying to know if I got in, but I want to have a sort of idea of how good writers need to be to get excepted.
Can someone give me an excerpt of something they've sent to Interlochen and have been accepted? I'm not interested in the whole plagiarism thing, because A) I would not be able to steal something from another author and B) I'm way too into my own stories to take another person's! I just want an idea of my eligibility and also to know if I have "it"

Thanks so much, and I'm eager to read your stuff! (Poetry, short stories, reflective essays, and stuff like that :)

Current mood: hopeful

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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Monday, January 11, 2010

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

6:12PM - Auditions for string instruments

 I play viola, I'm in eighth grade.  I can't say that I really badly want to go to the academy, but I'm getting more and more interested.  My brother plays saxophone.  We both filled in the online survey thing and I got an e-mail back soon after, but he didn't.  What does this mean?  

I've played viola for 8 years.  It's my life and my love.  I don't want to continue with it as my career, but I will always play it!  Is it ok to go to interlochen even if it isn't what you want to do with your career?  I'm pretty well prepared.  I've been in quite a few orchestras for about four years and I've had private lessons since I was 5.  I think I could be ready for an audition... but I really don't know.  How difficult are the auditions?  When they say two scales, do they mean 3 octave?  

Thank you :) :)

Current mood: artistic

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2:21AM - Help?! Interlochen Questions!

Heey !

Okay so I live in Canada and I think that Interlochen is an amazing school! I play piano and I think that Interlochen would be perfect for me but I'm worried that I am not good enough to get accepted. My parents seem to think I could get in no problem but I'm still not sure considering they don't know a lot about the school or how competitive it is.

My marks aren't the greatest and I can't play super amazing complicated songs like some of the people I hear on youtube and stuff. I know I can pull my marks up to at least a 90% for next semester but I'm afraid it'll be too late to get into Interlochen for next year, and I don't think my marks from this semester will suffice. The reason I think this is that I find it hard to apply myself in the school I currently attend because the classes are boring and there is not one person like me there. Not to mention my music teacher is an insane psycho person and makes me dread every second of music class which cannot be good for my musical career. But if I can get into Interlochen I think it could help me apply myself to the best of my abilities and I truly think that I could achieve so much more at Interlochen than I could here. Being in more interesting and challenging courses at Interlochen with people that have the passion and love for the arts as I do could both help raise my marks and improve my playing drastically ! So I was wondering if anyone know how competitive the music program is? Or Interlochen in general even?

Also since I live in Canada, I'm considered as an international student even though I'm only an eight hour drive away. I'm not worried about financial aid as much as I am for acceptance but I'm still wondering so does anyone know how much more expensive it is for an international student compared to someone from the US? 

Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated !

Thank you so much in advanced for taking time out of your day to read my very long post !


Current mood: confused

Sunday, October 25, 2009

7:10AM - Any Vocal Majors?

I want to be a singer, and I can't really further my talent at my school. So I'm going to apply to Interlochen. What do they look for in a vocal major? Would it be a problem if I've never had one on one vocal training? What is it like currently for a vocal major at Interlochen? Also, do they have a Gay Straight Alliance? Thanks everyone for the help

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So I've been thinking about auditioning for about  a year now, but I'm still not sure if I should.  I decided I should probably ask the people who actually know what it's like to be at Interlochen.  So here's my situation:

I absolutely love theatre, and I'm 100% sure that's what I want to do for my career.  My acting and dancing isn't exactly wonderful, but I do think my voice is good, and I also believe my acting has potential to be good.  Someday, at least.  I'm almost as passionate (if not just as much) about writing, but I feel like my singing is much better.  Though the writing, too, has potential.  Or so I've been told.  So what I've been thinking is that I'd love for theatre to be my major, but to be able to take a creative writing class.  Is that possible?  If I get in, of course.  I'm not even sure if I'm good enough to get in.

Then there's the social phobia issue.  When it comes to social situations, I'm absolutely terrified.  Especially with school; school is the worst.  I think that's because kids my age make me the most anxious.  I've been going to therapy for around eight months and taking medication, so it's gotten better.  Much better.  But there are still some doubts as to how I'd do in a boarding school, especially in such an apparently intense learning environment.  I'm worried that I'd crack under the pressure, because I feel like it'd be easy for that to happen.  But the one thing I'm positive of is that I want to be involved in theatre for the rest of my life, and that should keep me going... right?  That's what I've been counting on.

I don't have a lot of experience in theatre at all.  I haven't done a musical since the fifth grade (I'll be a sophomore in the fall), though I have been in vocal training for roughly a year now.  I learn more than singing; I also learn how to be a better all-around performer, which is good.  So anyway, I'll be auditioning for America's Got Talent in October (I think) and might be involved in other competitions, but is that even relevant?  Would I be better off as being a voice major instead?  I have no clue.  I'd rather learn more about the stage, though.

So I'm terribly sorry about all the rambling and pouring out my heart and soul... haha.  I didn't really know who to ask about this, because I don't know anyone who knows about this stuff.  And I was in desperate need of venting.  So thanks for reading, I'd really like some advice...

Monday, July 20, 2009

12:29AM - Uniform

Ok so does anyone know where I can get uniform pieces for the Day uniform and what are my options in terms of shirts, pants, etc etc. I already know there's a blue polo, but is there anything else? Also, if there's anything else you would like to add about the uniform, feel free to mention it.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

6:42PM - Interlochen,,,WHY!?

Hey Everyone!

My name is Lauryn and I've been accepted as a Voice Major at IAA for the 2009-2010 school year (my junior year).

I've been reading lots of posts from other people in this group and have noticed a pattern of Interlochen not offering enough financial aid for students to be able to attend the school. Now, no one is expecting them to give out full rides to everyone buuuut the cost that they are asking some people to pay is just not feasible and they should know this. For instance, the amount of financial aid they offered me is not enough for me to be able to attend the academy next year. The amount that i have left to pay is about 2/3 of my mothers yearly income! Where do they expect us to raise thousands of dollars from?! We appealed financial aid and they DENIED the appeal. At this point, I'm just wondering why they're accepting people they know can't afford the tuition if they aren't going to try and help make the dream a reality? I would really like to attend the academy next year but i just don't know where to get the money from or how to convince Interlochen to give me more money...

Current mood: irritated

Monday, June 22, 2009

10:11PM - this video well get you annoyed, guaranteed!

(DID ANYONE NOTICE THE FLY SURVIVED) president obama fighting a protesting fly that happened to be flying near-by...a conspiratorial assassination of the third kind before it had a chance to speak its truth.

9:42AM - Someone Should Tell You About February. I'll Do It.

No one told me about this until I got to campus, and then all the returners, like second, third and fourth years warned me about it. It's a thing none of the first years know about and I feel I should tell you. It wasn't so bad last year because everyone warned us in time.

Interlochen is a beautiful place year round. But in February, it generally turns into a very unattractive pit of depression and boredom and everyone gets really catty and sort of goes half crazy with cabin fever.

The Apparent February-To-Do-List:

Chances are you will mess some friendships up in February. Or you will fail an exam or two. You will hate your parents. Your boyfriend/girlfriend will cheat on you or you will cheat on them. If you guys don't cheat, you will break up with them or they with you, you will encounter some sort of problem with them or the relationship in general, or you will seem sick to death of them. You will suddenly need to see a therapist for depression or some newly developed problem/eating disorder or you will go on new meds or something. The counsellors will be your best friends, try to schedule things for you to do every weekend because THERE IS NOTHING TO DO. The staff is freakishly understanding about Febraury, your last week of January will be spent  in some kind of dread waiting for it. You can't really ride bikes anymore, it's too cold, they don't let you go off camp anymore at that time because dusk is too early. You'll go to Stone to eat dinner when you're classes are done and it'll be dark as hell. It's freezing. Valentines day is happily stuck somewhere in there, and if you're single this will be the time you are VERY bitter about it, and you can't tell yourself why. You're going to be bitter even if you DON'T want to date. You will become a hermit, and sleep is suddenly an escape. Everyone starts looking pasty-- I'm Black and I turned the most interesting colour. The friend you loved will suddenly seem unbearably annoying. You will feel like your roommate is out to kill you. You will have a few friends taking emotional leave, you will consider taking it yourself. You're also going to be stressed at this point: there's going to be some jury or orchestra concert for you or thesis shoot or review to edit or workshop piece to turn in or visual portfolio to get done.

You may even have a friend who gets wasted or high, gets found out and then gets kicked out. JWes (dean) told us that February and May are like the suicide months where off-campus disciplinary actions are at their highest. It wasn't bad at all last year, we only had a couple expulsions (through the whole year, not just in February), but still. Please don't do anything stupid, you're going to regret it.

February is also the time Senioritis rears it's ugly head and roars loudest.

February is kind of what you make it-- my returners told me it wasn't bad at all, comparitively, last year. I thought I came through it pretty unscathed, then I went home for spring break, came back to camp and things started getting warmer and I realized that no, February was not an okay time. If I wasn't busy being angsty for NO LEGITIMATE REASON (this is also on the February-To-Do-List), I was busy brooding to my roommate and sleeping excessively.

It really isn't enjoyable for anyone. Even if you get through it relatively okay, you'll still be affected by some friend's drama who isn't making it through alright. Nothing detrimental happens, you just feel insanely frustrated and misunderstood then. Like a little bit of the Interlochen magic is waning or something.

I swear it comes back in full force after though (it never really went anywhere, it just disappeared uner the four feet of snow you are going to expereince). You will love the sun like nothing else when it returns, and 45 degrees farenheit will became burning hot to you, and you will take this as a cause to wear shorts.

Current mood: sympathetic

Saturday, June 13, 2009

7:25AM - All or nothing?

I think Interlochen sounds wonderful, I've been searching, longing for a liberal arts high school to go to, and so far i've only been drawn to this one, but I want to do everything, not just one thing. I know that if I somehow, impossibly, made it so far as to actually attend Interlochen for creative writing, I'd be bummed I couldn't be banging the piano or taking voice lessons. And even if I was taking voice lessons, I'd be jealous of the actors and the writers. Humanly, I can't be the only one who feels these intense feelings. How, then, do you (theoretically or evidently) decide what course to send in an application for? Does it really just come down to whatever you think you have the most potential in, but also the most potential to gain in the classroom, but also the most room to mystify and wow with, or? Or is there some......compromise.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

12:48PM - Request information= FAIL

Hey, i requested information for interlochen on the website, and i still havent got it in any way... Is it supposed to come in the mail? I did this about a month ago....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

9:26PM - Pray for me...

 As soon as my dad finishes playing a game with my sis, I'm going to approach my parents about applying as a Creative writing major for next year. I already have basically everything filled out and together so my parents shouldn't be able to complain about much. I hope my Mom doesn't freak out to much. I'm more worried about her than my dad.

Current mood: anxious

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